Zoos And Wildlife Sanctuaries In Telangana Reopens From Today

The second wave of coronavirus exhibited a drastic effect on India.Indian hospitals ran out of medical services and medical equipment like oxygen cylinders, beds, and ventilators.

 Zoos And Wildlife Sanctuaries In Telangana Reopens From Today-TeluguStop.com

The severity of the coronavirus steadily decreasing in India.

Against this backdrop, the state governments are announcing unlock in the state and the businesses were brought status quo.As a part of this, the Telangana government decided to reopen the zoos and wildlife sanctuaries from today.

 Zoos And Wildlife Sanctuaries In Telangana Reopens From Today-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

Also, the state government issued permissions to reopen the deer parks and national parks in the state.

Hence, the Nehru Zoo Park in Hyderabad will reopen on Sunday.Visitors will be allowed into the parks only if they abide by the covid rules.

The zoo park will have visitors and the zoo officials released several guidelines to the visitors.Visitors to the park are advised to wear a mask.

Currently, corona positive cases and deaths are steadily declining in the state of Telangana.Along with Hyderabad, the corona severity reduced in other districts, zones and villages in Telangana.

The state governments succeeded in controlling the spread of the virus due to the imposed lockdown and other strict measures.

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