YS Jagan Ropes In IAS Raghuram Reddy To Probe CBN’s Govt. Decision  

YS Jagan Ropes In IAS Raghuram Reddy To Probe CBN’s Govt. Decision - Telugu Chandrababu Arrested, It Raids On Chandrababu, Ys Jagan Sit Investigation, Ys Jagna It Raids

It looks like YSRCP Chief; AP CM YS Jagan is in no mood to let go former AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu.Thanks to its loyalty with a top national party, YS Jagan was successful in putting CBN under immense pressure in various forms since the past couple of months.

TeluguStop.com - Ys Jagan Ropes In Ias Raghuram Reddy To Probe Cbn’s Govt. Decision

Taking the battle further, YS Jagan has roped in IAS officer Raghuram Reddy to probe all the key decision taken under the CBN’s tenure.

In a statement, the government said that ‘The ministerial subcommittee found out that, post the bifurcation of the state there have irregularities in policymaking, legislation, and finances.At the same time, wrongdoings in the transactions related to lands in CRDA region and irrigation projects are found.The respective subcommittee has handed over its first report to the government recently.Even during the assembly sessions, there has been a thorough discussion of these elements.

After going through the report, the government has decided to set up an SIT, and investigate thoroughly on all the elements mentioned in the report’.

The new SIT (Special Investigation Team) has 10 police officers, belonging to DSPs, DIG, SPs, ASP, and Inspectors range.According to official sources, the newly formed SIT will have rights to file a charge sheet.The new SIT works on the lines of a ‘special police station’, with IAS Raghuram Reddy heading it.

Following are the powers, and responsibilities of the new SIT:

  1. Should investigate by regulations, file cases, and bring the investigation to a bottom line.
  2. If required, work together with Central Investigation agencies to probe in the investigation, exchange information, and work in sync.
  3. Has the power to enquire any government official at SIT’s premises, and record their statement.

  4. SIT has the power to investigate and request information related to specific cases and land dealings.
  5. All the working government officials should co-operate with SIT.

With IT sleuths recovering 1000+ documents from three construction firms, which share a close relationship with CBN, and the new SIT surfacing, it will be a tough going for CBN and team in a coming couple of years.Many political analysts believe that, if CBN is found guilty in the entire process, YS Jagan is likely to have a third term as AP CM.


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