Your Tongue Color Can Tell You About Your Health

The Tongue is the main body.The Tongue exposes diseases in our body.

 Your Tongue Color Can Tell You About Your

If you go to the doctor at a young age, the doctor will look at the Tongue and tell you what the symptoms are.Our Tongue tells us about our health and our illness.

The blood vessels in the Tongue work well.They supply saliva and keep the Tongue clean and healthy at all times.Therefore, the harmful bacteria are reduced.A healthy Tongue can be said to be pink in Color.

Many times, we notice that the Tongue changes Color due to the food we eat.

If your Tongue is yellow you should realize that there is malnutrition.Yellow Tongue is visible to us if there are disturbances in the digestive system, liver or stomach problems.If Tongue is not clean then it is in yellow Color.

The Tongue is black in smokers and black in people with cancer, ulcers or fungal infections.Most coffee drinkers also have a black Tongue.

If the mouth is not clean, the Tongue will be white.The white Tongue indicates that your body is dehydrated.

Also be aware that if the coating on the Tongue looks like a layer of cottage cheese it may have leukoplakia.Drinking water well can get rid of this problem.

If the Tongue is red, the body may be deficient in folic acid or vitamin B-12.The Tongue also turns red due to the heat generated in the body.

Be aware that if your Tongue is blue or purple, you may have heart problems.Be aware that if the heart is not pumping blood properly, the Tongue will turn blue or purple as the oxygen in the blood decreases.

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