Google Maps Update Will Show You The Severity Of Coronavirus Outbreaks.

Google Maps update will show you the severity of Coronavirus outbreaks.

Google started putting its resources to good use from the early days of the novel coronavirus in an attempt to provide fast access to information and help people better navigate the pandemic.Google Maps was at the center of those efforts.

 Google Maps Update Will Show You The Severity Of Coronavirus

Google made it easier for business owners to update the schedule of their stores in real-time during lockdowns, a feature that would show Maps users what businesses were still opened.

Google Maps also started highlighting nearby restaurants that deliver food and place warnings inside the app for searches involving medical locations.

Google also highlighted the usefulness of custom Google Maps that can help out specific groups of users during the pandemic and used its access to incredible location and travel data to show officials whether local communities were respecting lockdowns or not.

It turns out that Google isn’t done turning Google Maps into a useful tool for fighting the coronavirus, and the best feature related to the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to come.Google Maps will get a coronavirus layer that will display the severity of a COVID-19 outbreak on the map, which could turn out to be a life-saving feature.