YCP MPs Participates In Vizag Steel Plant Privatization Protest At Delhi

The movement against the privatization of the Visakhapatnam steel plant is intensifying day by day.Often, the Union government made it clear to the Andhra Pradesh state government that the privatization of the Vizag steel plant is for sure, and they will not take back its decision.In this context, the YCP MPs extended their support against the Vizag steel plant privatization.

 Ycp Mps Participates In Vizag Steel Plant Privatization Protest At Delhi-TeluguStop.com

Currently, the steel plant protest is intensifying.

Steel plant workers staged a massive protest at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.YSR Congress party MPs participated in support of the workers’ protest.

It has been raining in Delhi since morning, but the protest is continuing.

Despite the heavy rain, the steel plant workers and YCP MPs continued their protest.

YCP MPs said that many people have sacrificed their lives for the Visakhapatnam steel plant in the past, and they termed the Vizag steel plant as the Right of the Andhra people.The Visakhapatnam steel plant has employed thousands of people and indirectly supported thousands of families.

YCP MPs demanded the Union government to immediately take back its decision to privatize the Visakhapatnam steel plant.

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