Indumathi And Sanju, Women’s Football Players For Indumathi, Interact With Brazilian Fans Before They Leave Brazil

New Delhi, November 19, : India’s women’s soccer team players Sanju Yadav & Indumathi Katiresan Interacted with their Fans online before they left for Brazil.India is ranked at 57 and will play against Brazil, which ranks seventh in the world.World No.2 will follow on November 25.37 Chile will play on November 28, followed by World No.56 Venezuela on December 1.
Coach Thomas Dennerby announced that Indumathi as well as Sanju were part of the 23-member squad on Thursday.They will Leave for Manaus, Brazil on Saturday.

 Indumathi And Sanju, Women’s Football Players For Indumathi, Interact With Brazilian Fans Before They Leave

Indumathi, a midfielder, said that all of them are hard at work and were excited for the Brazil tour.Marta is a great opponent and we look forward to learning from her.”

This will mark the debut of an Indian team playing against Brazil, Chile and Venezuela at senior level.As part of preparations for next year’s AFC Women’s Asian Cup in Mumbai and Pune, the women’s team has played matches in Turkey and Uzbekistan as well as the UAE, Bahrain and Sweden.

There were moments of inspiration from the Interactions that took place with Fans, including young Football enthusiasts and girls interested in the sport.One 7-year old girl shared her thoughts about the boys on the playground and told Indumathi that Football was not for girls.Indumathi responded emphatically to the girl.

When I played at the state level people used to tell me this was a sport that is for boys and not girls.

They used to question me at home why I was playing a boy’s game.However, nobody will tell you this is not a girl’s game.

We have to get out and see them.

A budding female Footballer asked Sanju about her journey from Haryana’s Bhiwani, to Brazil.

Sanju (who plays in the midfield) replied that her family was crucial and she cited the moment when she was selected to go to India camp for the first-time as the most memorable of her professional career.

I first started playing Football in school, when my PT teacher (physical training) made me play it during recess.

Soon, I became interested in the game and began going to games regularly.My family didn’t know about my Football playing at first.

But when I began coming home late to play, it was soon discovered by them.They have not stopped me since that moment.

Their support helped me quickly make it to the U-13 national camp.It remains my most memorable moment in my professional career.

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