WHO Warns Countries To Be Aware Of Omicron Covid Variant

New Delhi, Nov 27, : On Saturday, the World Health Organization (WHO), appealed to countries in South-East Asia to increase surveillance, strengthen public and social health measures, and improve vaccination coverage.A new variant of Covid was released.
In South Africa, the new variant, B.1.1.529 has been detected in a small number of cases.Friday’s assignment of the variant’s Greek letter Omicron by the WHO was made on Friday.

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Global health officials have stated that the new strain could pose a greater risk of re-infection than previous mutations.

“Though Covid-19 cases have been decreasing in most countries in our Region, the rise in cases elsewhere in this world and confirmation that a new Variant is of Concern is a reminder of the continuing risk and the need to continue doing our best to prevent it from spreading and protect ourselves against it.” In a statement, Dr.Poonam Khetrapal Sing, Regional Director, WHO South-East Asia Region said that we should not let our guards down.

Countries should improve surveillance and sequencing.

They must assess the risk of international travel-related importation based on current information about circulating variants, response capacities, and take appropriate measures.

“Comprehensive and targeted public health and social precautions must be taken to prevent transmission.

The more protective measures are taken earlier, the more effective they will be.The Regional Director stated that the more Covid-19 is circulated, the greater the chance of the virus changing and mutating, and the pandemic will last for longer.”

The most important thing is to reduce your risk of getting the virus.Wear a mask, cover your nose and mouth properly, keep away from poorly ventilated areas and keep your hands clean.Cover cough and sneeze and get vaccinated.

“As of today 31 percent of the region’s inhabitants are fully vaccinated, 21 percent are partially vaccinated and nearly 48 per cent, which is about a billion people, have yet to receive even one dose of the Covid-19 vaccination,” she stated, noting that they remain at risk of contracting severe diseases from the virus and spreading it more.

Everyone must take precautions to avoid getting infected even after being vaccinated.

On November 24, 2021, the first report to WHO of the B.1.1.529 variant from South Africa was made.Three distinct peaks have been observed in South Africa’s epidemiological situation.The most recent was the Delta variant.A specimen from November 9, 2021 was the first to have been confirmed to have B.1.1.529.

Researchers are trying to determine how transmissible and virulent this variant is and how it will affect diagnostics, therapies, and vaccines.

Even major vaccine manufacturers, including Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca, Pfizer & Biotech and Moderna, said Friday that they are working quickly to adapt their shots to a highly mutated strain.


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