Virtual Show Opens A Window To Indian Modernism

By Siddhi Jain
New Delhi, June 5 (IANSlife) A curated miscellany of Indian art will feature a hundred works by a hundred artists in the second edition of The Centum Series by DAG.

 Virtual Show Opens A Window To Indian

Featuring still-lifes and landscapes, works sacred and secular, watercolours, oil or acrylic canvases and sculpture, by artists based across the country’s length and breadth at its most important art centres, aligned with different collectives or art movements–the virtual show lends a glimpse into the history of art practice across an eventful one hundred years.

Opening for a week on June 11, on the gallery website — — The Centum Series — Edition 2 explores a rich diversity in Indian modernism with a dizzying succession of artists who have each carved a niche for themselves in the rich firmament of art practice in the country.

Consisting of high-quality works by M.F.Husain, Jamini Roy, Nandalal Bose, Ram Kumar, F.N.Souza, Bikash Bhattacharjee, the show also brings together works by The Lesser-Known Greats who have remained shy of the marquee that is lit up with very few names including those who broke the mould like Gogi Saroj Pal, K Laxma Goud, Prokash Karmakar, Paritosh Sen, Rabin Mondal; the alternate modernists such as Satish Gujral, Bikash Bhattacharjee, AA Raiba, P T Reddy; the avant-garde Prabhakar Barwe, Jyoti Bhatt, Eric Bowen, Shobha Broota, Jagmohan Chopra, Amitava, Bimal Dasgupta, G R Santosh and many others.

Since 1996, DAG has been credited with bringing to the forefront lesser-known masters through its exhibitions and books, important historic retrospectives and expositions that have taken place at its galleries in New Delhi, Mumbai and New York.

“Open to influences from the West, reaching deep into the roots of their own culture, exploring and experimenting across mediums, absorbing ideas, reinterpreting established norms, Indian art defies any easily tailored silos to carve for itself a confident assertion of its own identity within a global context, while being a part of its larger assimilative journey.It is this we hope to explore with The Centum Series.Round numbers are attractive, so we picked one hundred as our choice for this medley of artists and artworks that offers you a unique opportunity to acquire Indian modern art at attractive prices specially tailored for this sale,” stated Ashish Anand, CEO and MD at DAG.

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