Vice President Venkaiah Naidu Visits Bharath Biotech

Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu, recently visited the vaccine manufacturing unit of Bharat Biotech Biotechnology company.Speaking on this occasion, he said that the growth of Hyderabad as a pharma and vaccine manufacturing hub and the emergence of Genome Valley as a biotechnology hub is a good sign of development.

 Vice President Venkaiah Naidu Visits Bharath

Along with Telangana state Home Minister Mahmood Ali, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu visited Bharat Biotech Biotechnology company and inspected the vaccine manufacturing.He inquired about corona vaccine research on infants in the wake of the upcoming third wave of coronavirus.

Venkaiah Naidu suggested gearing up the vaccination trials.Also, he said that the entire world can be free from coronavirus only through effective vaccination.

 Vice President Venkaiah Naidu Visits Bharath Biotech-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Venkaiah Naidu said that there is no other way to curb the spread of the coronavirus.During the second wave of coronavirus, thousands of people died, and lakhs of families were affected.

Many children lost their parents during the covid crisis.

Vice President Venakaiah Naidu lauded Hyderabad’s growth as a vaccine and bulk drug manufacturing hub.He said the recent approval for setting up a central pharmaceutical laboratory in Hyderabad would further boost the development of biotechnology in Hyderabad.

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