Vhp Asks Hindus To Consider Voting As \'national Duty\'

VHP asks Hindus to consider voting as ‘national duty’

Ayodhya, Feb 26 : The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has called upon the Hindu society to cast its vote to serve the cause of national interest, setting aside their personal interests, caste bias, linguism, communalism and regionalism.

 Vhp Asks Hindus To Consider Voting As 'national Duty'-TeluguStop.com

The board of trustees of the VHP who met in Ayodhya, have said that “Bharat is the world’s largest democracy”.

“The great festival of national elections comes every five years.Voting is very important for the functioning of the democratic systems.It is our Rashtra Dharma too.The elections may be announced any time.This national election is going to determine the future of Bharat.It is the collective responsibility of all of us to handover to our coming generations a Bharat that is fully secure, prosperous and powerful.

“For this work, it is very essential to have a government that respects and protects the culture and values of Bharat,” the Board said in a resolution.

The Board of Trustees of VHP further called upon Hindu society to consider voting as a national duty.

“It should be ensured that the names of eligible voters are there in their electoral rolls.Do not use NOTA in the national interest.

Vote with families and ensure 100 per cent voting in their locality/villages.On the polling day, the society has to be committed for ‘Polling first-All things next’,” the resolution said.The Board said that after January 22, 2024, a new era has started.”The journey from Shree Ram Mandir to Ram Rajya has started.

It is a struggle re-establishing the values of Hindu civilisation and culture.Hindu society will have to accept the responsibility of building this new era.”



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