Use This Cream To Whiten Your Face And Neck

There are many facial creams in the market that come with a promise of skin whitening effects.But how many actually work? Those face creams which barely cost 10rs – 50rs can change the skin tone of your skin for real? You have had enough false promises.If you are really facing the problems of pigmentation and color losage around your face and neck, the product we are introducing to you would do the trick.Yes, this product is acclaimed by dermatologists.It is not a regular market product.The name is “Admiris Happy Glow”.It cost Rs.350 only for a 15MG pack.But the results will take you by surprise.

 Use This Cream To Whiten Your Face And

What does “Happy Glow” contain? :

* It has terowhite topical, sabiwhite topical, Galanga ester topical and Licorice topical.

It works on ? :

* Pigmentation, hyper pigmentation, microbial infections, inflammation and tan.

Any side effects? :

* Depends upon individual to individual.Although side effects are rare, there are cases where people suffered high blood pressure after using Happy Glow.It is not recommended to use out of dosage.Don’t over use Happy Glow.Only use it as per the dosage given by the Doctor.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women should better stay away from Happy Glow.

How to use ? :

Simple, wash your face after you had your dinner.Use a cleanser to wash your face and clean it with cotton.Better wash your hands too.Apply Happy Glow on your face and around your neck and message gently.

Store it in a cool place.Avoid from direct heat.