US-Russia Relations At Lowest Level: FM

Moscow, April 2 : Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow-Washington ties were at their lowest point due to increased confrontation, and he hopes that “common sense and prudence” will eventually prevail.

 Us-russia Relations At Lowest Level:

In the US’ policy towards Russia, there is increased pressure in all fields and tougher rhetoric is nothing new, Xinhua news agency quoted Lavrov as saying in an interview with a local TV program on Thursday.

He stressed that there is few chance for serious dialogue between Russia and the US, if Washington continues to blame Moscow for the consequences of its own reckless policy.

According to the Ministert, Western countries feel “a threat to their dominance” and are therefore inventing new rules on which they think the world order should be based, ones that contradict those outlined in the UN charter.

Lavrov’s remarks came a day after Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov told a joint meeting of the Federation Council, upper house of Parliament, that bilateral ties were in the midst of a deep crisis, which has grown partly due to the reluctance of the American President Joe Biden’s administration to solve problems with Moscow.

Antonov returned to Moscow on March 22 after he was recalled following Biden’s comments that Russia will “pay a price” for its alleged interference in the 2020 American election.

Washington is destroying the foundations of Russia-US interactions as the incumbent administration has continued to “unwind the sanctions spiral under false pretexts”, he told lawmakers.

The diplomat believes that Washington will not change its stance substantially and the “systemic containment” of Russia will remain a priority.

A US intelligence report released on March 21 day directly accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering a wide-ranging influence operation to interfere in the election, intending to hurt Biden’s campaign.

In the ABC News interview, Biden also agreed with the interviewer’s claim that Putin was “a killer”