US Navy Opens A Base In California To Relieve Congestion At Ports

Los Angeles, Nov 24, : The US Navy has opened facilities at Port Hueneme in order to Relieve congestion in Southern California ports.It is located less than 160 km north of Los Angeles.
According to a report by maritime news website gCaptain a standing Joint Use Agreement (NBVC) with Naval Base Ventura County and the Oxnard Harbor District allow the Navy to support supply chain logistics for commercial use when activated for emergency purposes, reports Xinhua news agency.

 Us Navy Opens A Base In California To Relieve Congestion At

Port Hueneme, on the West Coast, is the homeport of the Navy’s famed construction battalion, The Seabees.

This unit is responsible for much of the permanent and temporary infrastructure at US military locations all over the world.

According to the report, several 40-foot containers were offloaded onto lot 22 at Port Hueneme.

This move is expected to help to support holiday supply demand.

The Navy and local authorities entered into a joint agreement in 2002 that allowed commercial use of a wharf at Naval Base plus approximately 21 acres of contiguous property, two buildings, as well as overflow land if it was available.

Sal Mercogliano (a maritime expert) suggested activating the ready-reserve fleet in a YouTube video titled How to Clear the Ports Of Los Angeles.He told gCaptain the opening of NBVC was a small but important step towards resolving the congestion at the ports.

The problem is that Long Beach and Los Angeles have offloaded less cargo this October than they did last October.The number of containers in storage is not decreasing at a consistent rate, and the number ships awaiting to load is at an all-time high.

Mercogliano stated that Hueneme was a step but not enough to clear the backlog.

According to the Marine Exchange of Southern California data, 92 ships are currently at anchor or loitering in the twin ports, and 58 are at their berths.

This is according to statistics provided by the Marine Exchange of Southern California.The Marine Exchange of Southern California provides statistics and information about ships that call at major ports within the region.

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