Us Looks Forward To Newsom Vs Desantis Debate On Thursday

US looks forward to Newsom vs Desantis debate on Thursday

Washington, Nov 29 : Majority of the US population is looking forward to the debate of the year between Reformist Californian Governor Gavin Newsom and the restrictive Conservative Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Fox News at Thursday 9 p.m.They are not keyed in at all of the GOP presidential debate or the speeches of Trump theatrics and Bidenomics Biden for the potential 2024 match they don’t desire at all.

 Us Looks Forward To Newsom Vs Desantis Debate On

This is a debate every voter wants to watch, media reports said.

At the core of the debate is which model is suitable for the country, a model that would keep America stable over the years — the Californian model or the Florida model, reports added.

Democrats after all will still most likely prefer the California model and Republicans will still prefer Florida.

But voters from both parties can look at the stage and see what could be the guiding factor for the future of the country.

There is still time.

We are not yet trapped in the Biden vs Trump rematch nobody wants.Both parties can still choose better options.

It is to be hoped that this Thursday will push them toward making that decision, the Washington Examiner said.

One man (California Governor Gavin Newsom) has made cutting carbon emissions his state’s top policy priority.

The other (Florida Governor Ron DeSantis) has prioritised energy production (focusing on fossil fuels rather than green energy technologies).One made his state the most welcoming sanctuary jurisdiction for migrants from all over the world.

The other signed one of the nation’s strictest anti-illegal immigration laws ever.

One oversees a state higher education system that has abandoned standardised tests and embraced mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion loyalty oaths.

The other is fighting the higher education cartel and returning academic standards to classrooms, the Examiner said.

The stark contrasts in policies between the California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can be very diverse, but both being young in their 40’s, represent the future of America, they could be up for the presidency of the US at a later date, reports said.

Both politicians not only represent the future of their respective parties, but both also have track records guiding their states in new directions, the Examiner added.

Newsom versus DeSantis is a debate our country needs right now, the Examiner said, adding, “Do we keep mandating more expensive cars, homes and appliances while also prohibiting energy production from record amounts of public land? Or do we let people drive the cars they want, build the homes they want, and produce the energy they need to make a good life affordable for all?”

Do we keep our southern border open, releasing every migrant who claims asylum into the country — most of the claims are without merit — bankrupting cities from Denver to New York? Or do we return illegal immigrants to Mexico, eliminating the incentive that is causing a historic wave of mass migration across the hemisphere? These are issues that voters would be considering rather than aid Israel or Ukraine or be involved in a war overseas in which Americans have no stake or interest, the report said.

The Examiner said America is cruising towards a dismal presidential rematch.Biden, at 81, is too old and incapable to be president.

Trump, at 77, is not far behind in age and is in a category of unsuitability (with his legal baggage and rhetoric bordering on racism).Both men are clearly slower than they were four years ago.Can either handle another four years in one of the most demanding jobs imaginable? Voters must be thinking about this all the time worrying about who should be the next President in 2024.

How have Hunter Biden or Donald Trump Junior or Jared Kushner exploited the families’ names to enjoy monetary benefits is a question on the top of the mind of young voters specially, the report said.

Important questions in their own right, people who have broken laws are accountable, but these are not questions that should determine who is the next Commander-in-Chief, the reports said.



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