Two Years After “Parasite”, The Korean Star Of The Film Will Be Seen In A Crime Action Film.

Seoul, Nov 27, : Choi Wooshik, the star of ‘Parasite’, will return to the silverscreen as an elite police officer for the upcoming crime action film ‘The Policeman’s Lineage’.This film is more than two years after the Oscar-winning Oscar-winning masterpiece was released.
According to Yonhap News Agency, the movie is a Korean adaptation from the Japanese novel.It follows Kang-yoon and Min-jae, two police officers who work together on a major crime case that would shake up the police organization.

 Two Years After “parasite”, The Korean Star Of The Film Will Be Seen In A Crime Action

Choi stated that “Many people liked” him in “Parasite”, but he wanted to portray a stronger character in his next project.”I had to go through many stunt scenes because my character acts before he speaks.”

It is Choi’s first film project since ‘Parasite’ (2019), in the which he played a smart and quick-witted 20something son.The release of ‘The Policeman’ was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the actor, Min-jae is a rookie police officer who works undercover in secret anti-corruption campaigns.

He is to collect information about corrupt transactions led by Kang-yoon.

Although he is unrivalled in terms of the number of arrests he has made he doesn’t mind using illegal means to nab criminals.

“Min-jae has a strong sense of principle.Choi stated that Min-jae believes the ends cannot be justified by the means.”So he doubts every action of Kang-yoon and his intention during their joint project.”

Choi was given a thumbs up by Choi, the lead actor.Choi’s first appearance is soft and tender due to his previous roles in Parasite’ (2016) and ‘Train To Busan’ (2016).

“I thought that he was gentle.The actor, 45, said that he was gentle but charismatic when the camera was on.”I made some mistakes because I wanted to get one more shot with Choi.”

Lee Kyooman, director of ‘Children’ (2011), stated that he wanted to portray the beliefs and values police officers who deal with many criminal cases every day.This is his fifth feature.

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