Twitter Suspends Wordle-ruining Bot Account #Wordle #Jan

San FranCisco, Jan 25 : Twitter has reportedly banned a bot — @wordlinator — that replied to people’s Wordle posts with rude messages that include spoilers for the next day’s game.A

 Twitter Suspends Wordle-ruining Bot Account #wordle

The account’s spoilers appeared to be accurate (the key is easily accessible in the game’s code, so it is not necessarily a surprise), which could end up ruining the game for anyone who sees them, reports The Verge.

For anyone who has managed to avoid it, Wordle is a game where users get six chances to guess a five-letter word.

The game also has an interesting sharing mechanic, where users can copy and paste a series of emojis to let people know how easy or hard it was for users to guess the word of the day.

If users have seen a ton of yellow, gray and green squares on Twitter, they are probably either Wordle results or a joke about Wordle, the report said.

Given that the game is about guessing a word, knowing what the next one will be can ruin the entire point, it added.


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