Turkey And Qatar Meet To Discuss Kabul Airport Operation With Taliban: Erdogan

Ankara, Dec 9 : Turkish and Qatari companies will hold discussions on operating the Airport in Afghanistan, and negotiate with the Taliban on the issue, state-run TRT broadcaster quoted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying on Wednesday.

 Turkey And Qatar Meet To Discuss Kabul Airport Operation With Taliban: Erdogan-TeluguStop.com

“The Qatari side has determined a name from the private sector.Likewise, the Turkish side determined a name on the issue.These companies will negotiate with each other, and also with the Taliban,” Erdogan told his journalists during his two-day trip in Qatar.

If appropriate conditions, especially security, are provided, Turkey and Qatar will run the Airport in Kabul, Xinhua news agency quoted the Turkish President as saying.

Noting that Turkey and Qatar signed 15 agreements during his visit to Doha, Erdogan said Turkey’s bilateral relations with the Gulf country have reached a new level.

The policies of Turkey and Qatar toward regional and global issues overlap, he said, adding Turkey-Qatar relations make significant contributions to the security and stability of the region.

Erdogan also said Turkey is ready to mend ties with Israel if the latter takes concrete steps regarding Palestine.

“Israel needs to be more sensitive about its Palestinian policy in the region .about JeruSalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.As soon as we see the sensitivities here, we do our best and take our steps,” he said.


Erdogan noted that Turkey and Qatar had signed 15 agreements during his Doha visit.

He said that Turkey’s bilateral relations have reached a new level with the Gulf country.
According to Xinhua, the Turkish President stated that if security conditions are met, Qatar and Turkey will operate the Kabul airport.

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