TTD Decided To Use Biodegradable Bags For Laddus

The famous shrine of Andhra Pradesh, Tirumala Tirupati temple has taken a sensational decision to reduce the usage of plastic.TTD has announced that the TTD laddu will no longer be available in plastic bags.

 Ttd Decided To Use Biodegradable Bags For

As plastic bags require hundreds of years to destroy, TTD is now switching to biodegradable laddu bags.

The biodegradable laddu bags will consist of vegetable waste and starch extracted from food grains.

 TTD Decided To Use Biodegradable Bags For Laddus-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Ram Manohar Babu, Director of Advanced Systems Laboratory, Defense Research and Development Organization of India, announced that the TTD has decided to distribute laddus only in bio-degradable bags from now on.

As an alternative to hazardous plastics, the Central Government, in association with Nagarjuna University, and DRDO produced these bio-degradable bags.Recently, they launched the biodegradable plastic bags manufactured by Ecolastic Products Pvt Ltd at Charlapalli Industrial Estate, Hyderabad.

Speaking at a press conference organized, Ram Manohar Babu said that plastic, which has become an integral part of daily life, has become a menace to land, soil, water and aquatic life.

Instead of plastic, it is safe to use alternative plastics, such as elastic, which is completely perishable.

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