TRS Govt’s Industry Friendly Policies Attracting IT Industries To Hyderabad

The Telangana state government is attracting giant IT industries from all over the world.In recent years, many tech giants have set up their industries in Hyderabad due to its low real estate costs, industry-friendly policies, availability of IT professionals etc.

 Trs Govt’s Industry Friendly Policies Attracting It Industries To

Hyderabad is attracting a large number of data centres.Based on the information from credible sources, it is revealed that IT giant Microsoft Corporation is set to set up a huge data centre, along with three other IT companies in Hyderabad.

Microsoft India will set up the data centre near the Shamshabad airport in Hyderabad with an investment of Rs 15,000 crore.An official announcement related to this is likely to come soon.

 TRS Govt’s Industry Friendly Policies Attracting IT Industries To Hyderabad-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

The proposals of three other companies are also under consideration by the Telangana state government.

As the data requirements in our country are increasing day by day, many companies are coming forward to establish their data centres in Hyderabad.

Currently, the capacity of the data centres in the country is around 30 MW, and it is expected to increase to 96 MW by 2023.

The industry-friendly policies set by the TRS govt is making world-class companies like Triton EV, Microsoft etc set up data centres in Hyderabad.

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