TN To Obtain Public Feedback, Prepare Report On Chidambaram Temple

Chennai, June 22 : The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (HR&CE) Department of Tamil Nadu government is preparing a report based on the opinion and suggestions from the general Public on the administration of Sri Sabha Nayagar(Nataraja) Temple in Chidambaram.

 Tn To Obtain Public Feedback, Prepare Report On Chidambaram

The HR&CE department had asked for suggestions from the Public after the Podu Dikshithars who are in control of the Temple at present did not furnish details to the inspection team of the HR&CE who had reached the Temple on June 7 and 8.

With the Podu Dikshithars turning antagonistic, the department sought suggestions and opinions from the general Public and 6628 petitions were received on Monday and Tuesday on the basis of which a report will be prepared by the HR&CE department that will decide on the control of the temple.

The HR& CE department’s Cuddalore assistant commissioner C.Jothi had directed the Public to share their opinion and suggestions regarding the control of the temple.After the directive had come out in Public, suggestions and opinions are pouring in.

In a related development, Pichavaram Zamindar Family heir MR Rajasurappa Chozaganar visited the HR&CE office in Cuddalore and petitioned that the Chidambaram Sri Saba Nayagar (Nataraja) Temple was built by Iranyavarma Chola.In the petition, Rajasurappa Chozaganar said that the Pichavaram Zamin Poligars are from the Chola dynasty and that the Temple was managed by his forefathers.

He also charged that the Dikshithars took charge of Temple administration a century ago.

It is now to be seen how the general Public has responded in their suggestions and opinions and it will become known to the outside world only after the HR&CE prepares a report based on this.


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