TN Power Utility Allows Pvt Firms To Repair Transformers On Its Premises

TN power utility allows private companies to service transformers on their premises

Chennai, Oct 5 : In a move to curtail expenditure, the Tamil Nadu power utility, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company (Tangedco), has allowed private industries that supply transformers to conduct maintenance and repair in its premises.

 Tn Power Utility Allows Pvt Firms To Repair Transformers On Its

According to Tangedco officials, the state has 3.25 lakh transformers connecting high tension and low tension lines.

Tangedco will get paid by the private companies that have supplied the transformers for using its premises to conduct maintenance and repair work, an official told IANS.

Earlier, Tangedco was incurring losses as it used to transport the faulty transformers to the premises of the company that had supplied it, and had to bear the transport cost and other incidental expenses.

Tangedco has been making systematic losses and with the losses touching around Rs 1.58 lakh crore, the management has decided to cut expenses.The new initiative will reduce the losses and would add money to the kitty of the ailing power utility as it will be charging the companies concerned companies for using its premises.

The Tangedco headquarters have already communicated the decision to all Chief Engineers and Superintending Engineers.


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