TN Govt School Headmistress Refuses To Hoist Tricolour On I-Day

The head of the Tennessee government school is refusing to lift Tricolour on I-Day

Chennai 17 August : A row has been brewing in Tamil Nadu after reports of a headmistress of a government school who is accused of refusing to raise the flag of the nation as well as salute it during Independence Day.
The woman identified as Tamil Selvi a teacher at a government school in Dharmapuri district and did not fly the flag of the nation, stating that she was a Christian and her religious beliefs don’t permit her to fly and salute the flag of the country.

 Tn Govt School Headmistress Refuses To Hoist Tricolour On

In a video clip that justified her actions, she said that being a Yahova Christian, her religious convictions allow her to honor only God.

She however, said she believes she does not disobey the flag and stated that she had set up the Assistant Headmistress of the school to hoist the flag.

A complaint was made against Selvi by the parents of the students in the school with the District Education Officer.She was accused of having demonstrated preference for one religion while working in an institution run by the government.

The headmistress didn’t take part in the flag-raising ceremony in the previous year and was on sick leave.