Tiktok Fame Fun Bucket Bhargav Has Been Arrested !!

The police of Vishakhapatnam have arrested Tiktok Fame Fun Bucket Bhargav.Bhargav has been arrested under rape charges.

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A case has been registered against Bhargav at the Visakhapatnam police station for allegedly subduing and repeatedly raping a 14 years old minor girl.

According to police, Bhargav, a resident of the Kollavalasa area in the Vijayanagaram district, is famous for his Tiktok videos.

 Tiktok Fame Fun Bucket Bhargav Has Been Arrested -Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

However, he came in contact with a 14-year-old minor girl from Sinhagiri Colony in the Visakhapatnam district through social media.The young girl is also often talked to Bhargav as she is interested in Tiktok videos.

With this, the minor girl called Bhargav a brother.Bhargav trapped her saying that he will make her popular through Tiktok videos.

The girl’s parents, who had recently noticed a change in the girl’s physical condition, took her to the doctors and found that she was four months pregnant.The girl’s parents approached the Pendurthi police on March 16 alleging that Bhargav was responsible for the incident.

The case is being investigated under Visakhapatnam City Disha ACP Prem Kajal.Bhargav also seems to have admitted that he lured the girl under the name of his sister and made her pregnant.

Bhargav has been arrested by the police and sent for remand.

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