This Up Jail Now Has Machines For Making Food

This UP jail now has machines for making food

Kaushambhi (Uttar Pradesh), May 19 : The Kaushambi district jail on Wednesday has become the first prison in Uttar Pradesh to start the process of making food with the help of machines.

 This Up Jail Now Has Machines For Making

The prison now has an electric roti maker and the machines used for peeling and cutting vegetables and potatoes.

“Apart from hi-tech electric roti maker machines for preparing fresh chapatis, electric cookers for dal (pulse) and chawal (rice) preparations are also been utilised for meal preparations,” said Kaushambhi district jail Superintendent, Rakesh Singh.

He added that the installation of the machines save labour and help in preparing food faster and a more hygienic manner.

“The inmates can now enjoy fresh and warm food.The electric roti maker machine will help to shape and serve around 3,000 chapatis in an hour,” said the jail official.

This has also reduced the number of inmates engaged in making rotis from 25 to 10.

Nearly 3,000 rotis are being prepared two times a day.

The Kaushambhi district jail has more than 1,000 inmates and nearly 50-60 inmates were earlier deputed to prepare the food every day.

The jail authorities have also brought insulated utensils to keep the food warm and fresh.

“Initially, jail authorities faced some problems as inmates did not have much knowledge about these machines and did not know how to use them but we have got experts to train them,” the Jail Superintendent said.

Recently, celebrity chef Ranveer Brar had been invited to teach jail inmates how to improve their culinary skills and prepare tastier food.


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