Tennis: The EU Demands’verifiable Evidence’ Of Peng’s Safety

Brussels, Nov 30, : China is asked by the European Union (EU), to provide “verifiable evidence” that Peng Shuai, a three-time Olympian who was also a top-ranked doubles player, is safe.China was also asked by the EU to conduct an impartial and transparent investigation into her allegations of sexual assault.
Since her disappearance from public view earlier in the month, Peng has only had a few contacts with officials from China.In a video call from Beijing on November 21, Peng assured Olympic officials that she was safe.

 Tennis: The Eu Demands’verifiable Evidence’ Of Peng’s

An EU spokesperson stated that “Her recent public appearance does not alleviate concerns about her Safety or freedom.” “The EU joined growing international demands, including from sports professionals, to assure her freedom and Safety,” the EU stated in a statement.

“In this spirit the EU requests that the Chinese government provide verifiable proof that Peng Shuai is safe, well-being and whereabouts.”The EU calls on the Chinese authorities to conduct an impartial, fair, and transparent investigation into Peng Shuai’s allegations of sexual assault,” the EU stated in a statement.

“The EU strongly condemns the practice of enforced disappearance or arbitrary detention.and calls on China to respect its human rights obligations under international and national law,” the EU stated.

Peng, one China’s most prominent sporting stars, has not been heard from publicly since a Weibo posting on November 2, in the which she claimed that Zhang Gaoli, her former vice-premier, coerced and had an affair with her, The Guardian reported.

China’s censors took down the post, but it still went viral.Subsequent posts, reactions, and keywords like “tennis” also appeared to have been blocked.Additionally, many references to Peng were removed from China’s internet.

Steve Simon, the chairman of women’s Tennis association (WTA), raised concerns about Peng’s health earlier.Chinese media released a video showing Peng Shuai in Beijing.

However, Steve Simon deemed it insufficient to determine if the Tennis player is safe and in good health.

WTA demanded a “full and fair investigation” into allegations of sexual assault against a former Chinese leader.

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