Tejashwi Criticizes Nitish Government For Failing To Enforce Liquor Ban

Patna, Nov 29, : Monday’s criticism by the Opposition in Bihar Assembly of the Nitish Kumar government over its failure to control the Liquor mafia in Bihar was made by the Opposition.
On the opening day, Congress, Rashtriya Janata Da, and Left parties protested their views in their own ways.

 Tejashwi Criticizes Nitish Government For Failing To Enforce Liquor Ban-TeluguStop.com

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav called the Liquor ban an “eye wash” and said that while Nitish Kumar’s police are only arresting Liquor consumers, the real culprits, the Liquor mafias, are free to roam the streets.He said that only poor villages are either dying or being arrested.

Common people are being punished by the state police.While male police officers raid wedding venues and barge into brides’ bedrooms under the pretext that they are raiding, Nitish Kumar shamelessly defends their actions.It is very unfortunate.Yadav stated that Nitish Kumar should publicly apologize for it.

Although the state government celebrates 16 “Bemisal”, (matchless), years, I strongly believe that it is 16 “Badhal” (miserable), years of Bihar during Nitish Kumar’s tenure.Every leader is involved with some form of corruption.

Unemployment has reached a new height, large numbers of youths are fleeing the state, flood situation alarming, education and health at the lower levels, but still Nitish Kumar and his allies are celebrating 16 “Bemisal”, years which is extremely unfortunate,” Tejashwi stated.

“As Nitish Kumar claimed he wouldn’t study the latest NITI Aayog reports, we are sending it to him to carefully read and respond on the floor to the Assembly,” he stated.

In its most recent report, NITI Aayog has ranked Bihar as the lowest in most parameters such as education, health, and employment.

Ashok Chaudhary (the cabinet minister of the Nitish Kumar government) said that Tejashwi Yodav is not an educated person.

He doesn’t know how NITI Aayog prepares its reports.

The winter session of the Legislative Assembly (Parishad) began Monday and will end on December 3.

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