Tej Pratap Will Have No Effect On RJD, Says Ex MP Rama Singh – National,Politics

Patna, Oct 13 : Rebellious RJD leader Tej Pratap Yadav is facing the heat within the party these days.

 Tej Pratap Will Have No Effect On Rjd, Says Ex Mp Rama Singh – National,politics-TeluguStop.com

On Wednesday, former Rashtriya Janata Dal MP from Vaishali Rama Singh said that if Tej Pratap either stays or goes outside the party, it will not affect any leader of the party.

Rama Singh visited the local Vidupur market for a private event where he spoke to reporters about Tej Pratap Yadav.

“The RJD will win both the seats in the upcoming by-elections in Tarapur and Kusheshwar Asthan under the leadership of Tejashwi Yadav.The people of Bihar are with Tejashwi Yadav.Due to his sharp leadership, RJD candidates will come out tops on result day,” Singh said.

Earlier, RJD vice president Shivanand Tiwari declared that Tej Pratap is not in the party.

Despite facing criticism, Tej Pratap is not in a mood to step back.

He has announced he will start a LP (Lalu Prasad) movement in Bihar similar to the JP (Jai Prakash) movement.

His family has made efforts to bring back Tej Pratap Yadav into the party.

His mother came to Patna on Monday evening and went to his official residence but he refused to meet her.It will be interesting to see when his father Lalu Prasad comes to Patna for the by-elections campaign #Pratap #Effect #Rama #Singh


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