TDP To Lose Those Two Seats In Guntur For Sure?

The Telugu Desam Party is currently gaining momentum in the Guntur district.It is a known fact that the party lost badly to YSRCP in the last elections.

 Tdp To Lose Those Two Seats In Guntur For Sure?

TDP leaders are acting quickly and fighting against anti-public policies.Already, they extended support to Amaravati farmers’ Mahapadayatra.

Under these circumstances, it can be said that the TDP has gained a lot of momentum in the Guntur district.But in some places, TDP is yet to gain momentum.

Already, there is negativity on Alla Ramakrishnareddy, a YCP MLA from Mangalagiri, in the wake of the Amaravati capital issue.With this, the TDP has a chance to win this seat.

However, TDP has no chance to win the Macharla and Narasaraopet constituencies.

Reportedly, decades have passed since TDP won in the Macharla constituency.

The TDP has no chance of winning here.In this constituency, YCP MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishnareddy has a strong base.

Pinnelli has been winning and serving the Macharla constituency since 2009.With this, there is no chance for TDP.

Narasaraopet MLA Gopireddy Srinivasareddy also has a strong base.Gopireddy has been elected twice to the Assembly in Narasaraopet.

However, the TDP can’t win the seat in this constituency.Hence, it seems like TDP will lose these two seats for sure in the next elections.

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