TDP Leaders Complaint To AP Governor Over Gudivada Casino Issue!

AP politics is heating up with the Gudivada Casino scene.Bullets of words have been exploding over the Casino incident between TDP and YSR CP leaders since Sankranthi.

 Tdp Leaders Complaint To Ap Governor Over Gudivada Casino Issue!

Leaders of both parties have been sharply critical of each other.After a visit to Gudivada, the TDP Verification Committee submitted a report to TDP chief Chandra Babu.

Later, members of the Verification Committee (TDP Leaders) lodged a joint Complaint with AP Governor Bishwabhushan on Thursday.

List of 13 young women who made pamphlets, various videos, dances related to the Casino affair.

Where did they come from, where did they go again, Details of those who booked tickets were handed over to the Governor by the Verification Committee team.

They were asked to launch an investigation into the police affair, over the attack on them while they went on trial.

They also demanded the removal of Kodali Nani from the ministry.Apart from this, TDP politburo member Varla Ramaiah said that the letter written by Chandrababu on the Casino issue was submitted to the governor.

The DGP complained to the collectors about the management of the Casino but the government did not care hence he demanded to take action.