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Seaweed Could Help Prevent Covid Virus Infecting Human Cells. Study

Jerusalem, December 5, 2008 : A substance made from edible marine algae could help to stop the spread coronavirus, according a study. Jerusalem Post reported that researchers from Tel Aviv...

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Vaiko’s Son Durai Vaiyapurai Is To Take Charge Of MDMK IT Cells

Chennai, Nov 17, : Durai Vaiyapurai (the son of Vaiko), the founder Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, (MDMK) will take charge of the party’s IT wing.This was announced Wednesday by Vaiko,...

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Air Pollution Harms Heart Cells In Kidney Patients, Warn Experts

By Rachel V.ThomasNew Delhi, Nov 12 : As the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) gasps for clean air amid the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) shooting to severe levels, health experts...

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Terror Sleeper Cells Wake Up In Central Asia After Taliban’s Return To Power In Afghanistan

By Ateet SharmaNew Delhi, Sep 28: The real threat of terror sleeper cells getting active after the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan is worrying several Central Asian countries, especially...

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How White Blood Cells Aid In Predicting Covid-19 Severity

London, Sep 24 : Covid-19 disease severity seems to be affected by the characteristics of white blood cells called granulocytes, which are part of the innate immune system. Combined measurements...

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