Sudha Chandran On Her Role In \'doree\': \'cannot Relate To Kailashi\'s Ideology\'

Sudha Chandran on her role in ‘Doree’: ‘Cannot relate to Kailashi’s ideology’

New Delhi, Nov 1 : Veteran actress Sudha Chandran, who will be soon seen in the thought-provoking social drama ‘Doree’, shared insights about her character, adding that she cannot relate to Kailashi Devi’s ideology.

 Sudha Chandran On Her Role In 'doree': 'cannot Relate To Kailashi's Ideology'

The show touches upon the reality of many girls who are abandoned by their parents.

The social malady explored in the upcoming show addresses the girls, who are not the first choices of the parents in a patriarchal society.This gender inequality is entrenched in the psyche of people, who need to change their perspective about women.

Does she relate to her role Kailashi? Sudha told IANS: “I cannot relate to her in ideology because I want daughters born in my house, to be very successful in life.”

“But there are some aspects of Kailashi where she is very authoritative, has confidence, and takes full responsibility for her actions.She doesn’t regret that is where I relate to Kailashi Devi,” shared ‘Kaahin Kissii Roz’ fame actress.

Sudha further clarified that Kailashi is not a negative role.

“It’s about a woman and her own convictions.If your mother wants you to do something in some particular way, then your mother can’t be negative for you.She has her own principles, and morals.She is a very strong and authoritative character,” said the 58-year-old actress.

Sudha said: “It’s one role that any actor would love to be in.It’s a very author-backed role.The content is very new.It’s about a girl child who stands for her rights, and who convinces a 60-year-old woman of what is right and wrong.”

“Kailashi represents that section of society which basically believes in certain principles.She doesn’t believe in equality, girl power,” she shared.

Speaking of her co-star Amar Upadhyay, Sudha said: “It was like we had released a pause button, and started from where we had left.He is a wonderful co-actor, a human being, so warm.He gives 100 per cent to his character.”

The show traces the tale of Doree, a six-year-old doting daughter who lives with her foster father Ganga Prasad in the Bunkar mohalla of Banaras.It features Sudha as Kailashi Devi, Amar as Ganga Prasad, and child actor Mahi Bhanushali as the young Doree.

The show will soon air on Colors.



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