Sudan Refuses To Give Up Fashaga Disputed Area With Ethiopia

Khartoum, Nov 30, : , Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council has vowed to not relinquish the lands in Fashaga on the border with Ethiopia.This was stated by the Council in a statement.
Following an Ethiopian incursion into Fashaga, which resulted in the deaths of six members the Sudanese Army as well as the injuring 31 others, Al-Burhan visited Baraka Noreen at Fashaga’s border with Ethiopia.

 Sudan Refuses To Give Up Fashaga Disputed Area With

Al-Burhan reiterated Sudan’s commitment to good neighbourly relations with Ethiopia.

He also stated that Sudan has no animosity with Ethiopia.

According to Xinhua news agency, he reiterated that Fashaga was a purely Sudanese country and vowed not to give up any of Sudan’s territories.

He encouraged Fashaga residents to continue their agricultural activities.He also stressed the determination of the armed forces to protect them from any threats and secure their farms.

The Sudanese Army claimed that some of its units were attacked Saturday by the Ethiopian Army, and cooperating militias.It also noted that six Sudanese soldiers were killed in the attack.

Since September 2020, tensions have been rising at the border between Ethiopia and Sudan.

The Sudanese Army announced on December 19, 2020 that it would be sending strong reinforcements to the border.

Khartoum announced then that it would retake what it calls “the seized land”.

The border area between Sudan and Ethiopia in Fashaga, one of five localities of Sudan’s Gadaref state is often the scene of deadly attacks by Ethiopian militias as they prepare for the agricultural season.

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