Ukrainian Defenses In Donbas Under Threat By Russia

Kiev 6 August : The Ukraine's General Staff On Saturday Said That Russian Troops Were Aggressively Attacking Bakhmut The Mainstay Of The Defense System Around The Last Urban Area Controlled By Ukraine In The Eastern Donbas Region.

"The Enemy Is Preparing An Attack Against Bakhmut.Fighting Continues," The General Staff Declared In Its Most Recent Situation Report.

The Pro-Russian Rebels Had Announced The Previous Day That Fighting Was Already Taking Place In The City's Area According To The Dpa News Agency.

The Statements Of Both Sides Could Not Independently Be Confirmed.After The Capture Of The Luhansk Region In The Middle Of July Russian Offensive Operations In The Eastern Part Of Ukraine Have Been Focused On The Adjacent Donetsk Region.

Luhansk And Donetsk Are Part Of Donetsk And Luhansk Comprise The Donbas Region, A Mostly Russian-speaking Region That Has Been The Subject Of Moscow's War Goals For Months.

As They Move Forward In A Steady Progression, Russian Invaders Have Managed To Take On The Ukrainian Defense Forces In The Last Few Weeks.

They Have Now A Majority Of 60% Of The Territory, The Report Stated.The Headquarters Of The Ukrainian Troops In Donbas Is Located In The Built-up Urban Area Of Slovyansk-Kramatorsk, Where Some Half Million People Lived Before The War.

From The East, This Area Is Secured By The Siversk-Soledar-Bakhmut Line Of Defence.This Line Is Now In Flux In Various Locations.

Russian Forces Are Also Operating Outside Siversk As Well As Soledar.However, The Most Intense Fighting Is Currently Taking Place Near The Bakhmut Traffic Junction That The Russians Are Pounding With Tanks And Artillery.

The Fighting Is Also Ongoing In The Region Of The Former Capital Donetsk Which Was In The Control Of Pro-Russian Separatists Since 2014.

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The Troops That Are Loyal To Moscow Are Trying To Force The Ukrainians Further Back.In The Region Of Avdiivka, A Small Town Of Avdiivka In The North Of Donetsk There Were Numerous Attempts At Attack, Which Were Defused By The Ukrainian General Staff Stated.

The Vast Parts Of The Region Are Sprayed With Artillery.In The Southern Part Of The Country However The Initiative Is Going To The Ukrainians In The Direction Of Ukraine.

In The South, Russian Troops Are Concentrating On Protecting Their Positions In The Areas That Are Occupied According To The Report On The Situation.

The Ukrainian Military's Southern Command Had Previously Reported That It Had Destroyed At Most Six Russian Ammunition And Weapons Depots, As In Addition To Two Command Points In The Kherson Region.

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