NASA Invites Students To Create A Steel Production Lines For The Moon. Moon

Washington 13 August : The US Space Agency Has Asked Students From Universities To Create A Pipeline For The Production Of Metal For The Moon -beginning With The Extraction Of The Lunar Minerals Into Making Tools And Structures.

The Capability To Mine Metals And Construct Necessary Infrastructure On The Moon Helps To Achieve The Artemis Programme Goal Of A Permanent Humans' Presence On The Moon's Surface, NASA Said In A Statement.

"Here At Home Forging Metal Has Always Been A Vital Element Of The Construction Of Our Infrastructure And Homes And The Same Is The Case As We Seek To Establish An Ongoing Presence On The Moon," Said Niki Werkheiser Director Of Technology Development Within NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD).

"This Challenge Provides Students With The Chance To Contribute To Developing The Next Generation Of Technology That Will Allow Us To Identify, Process And Create With Metallic Lunar Surfaces.

" Werkheiser Added.The 2023 Breakthrough Innovative And Game-Changing (BIG) Idea Challenge Invites Students From Universities To Address Certain Of The Most Pressing Issues Facing Space Exploration And To Develop The Capabilities Of Missions That Will Make New Discoveries Possible.

Students Will Create Innovative Methods To Extract And Transform Metals From The Minerals Found On The Moon Like Anorthite And Ilmenite To Enable The Production Of Metals In The Moon.

The Challenge Is Funded By NASA And Offers Grants Of Between $180,000 And $250,000 To Eight Teams That Are Selected To Create And Present Their Concepts And Present Their Findings Of The Research And Tests At The Final Forum In November 2023.

The Abundance Of Metals That Are Derived From The Moon Could Allow The Infrastructure For Lunar Basessuch As Pipes, Landing Pads, Power Cables Rails For Transport, And Pressure Vessels That Can Hold Fuel-related Volatiles -- To Be Produced Locally With Additive Manufacturing Or 3D Printing.

"NASA Is Already Considering Funding Longer-term Missions To The Moon.The BIG Idea Challenge Theme Links Teams From Universities With The Idea Of A Permanent Human Activity On The Moon As Well As On Other Planets As Well," Tomas Gonzalez Torres, Space Grant Project Manager In NASA's Office Of STEM Engagement.

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