State Covid Command Control Room At The YCP Headquarters: Sajjala

The Andhra Pradesh state government stands as an example to other states in the country in effectively curbing the spread of corona said, YSRCP government adviser Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy.He said that the government is providing necessary medical services to the corona patients in the state.

 State Covid Command Control Room At The Ycp Headquarters:

Speaking to the media at the party headquarters, he said the government is trying to curb the corona by enforcing a curfew and by providing effective medical services to all the poor and middle-class people through the Arogyasree scheme.In addition to this, the local MLAs and party leaders have been actively working for the covid patients in their respective Assembly constituencies.

He said that the party leaders are coordinating with the authorities to curb the spread of the virus.

 State Covid Command Control Room At The YCP Headquarters: Sajjala-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy suggested that as there were no Covid control rooms in the state, they are planning to set up them immediately.

He said that the State Covid Command Control Center will be set up at the party headquarters in Thadepalli.He revealed that the WhatsApp numbers 9143541234; 9143641234 should be available to the corona patients.

He said that the MLAs and local leaders will set up Covid Command Control Room in their respective constituencies and will assign two phone numbers to it.

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