Sri Lanka With Chinese Debt Will End Up Like Uganda: Ex-Army Command

Colombo, Dec 1, : Sarath Fonseka is a former Army Commander in Sri Lanka and Presidential candidate.He warned that Sri Lanka, which has fallen into China’s debt trap, would end up like Uganda which had to give their only international airport to China.
Fonseka was the leader of Sri Lanka’s three-decade-long civil war against Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels.He declared victory in 2009 in a Facebook post entitled “Sri Lanka is being trapped in Chinese debt trap that destroyed Uganda”.

 Sri Lanka With Chinese Debt Will End Up Like Uganda: Ex-army

He drew a parallel between Uganda’s new airport and the Chinese-funded one in Hambantota, southern Sri Lanka.He said that the country has been made a slave to one camp and has also worked to achieve the political and military ambitions and thus lost its integrity and sovereignty.

“Just like what happened during Rajapaksa’s regime, the corrupt leaders of Uganda had continued with the constructions using commercial loans at high interest rates that attract Commissions,” claimed Field Marshal Fonseka.

The former military leader stated that Hambantota harbour, which was not a very important project, was developed instead of Colombo Harbour.”It is now owned and used by China as a naval corridor in central India Ocean.”

India, the US, and other Quad countries are looking at Hambantota harbour as a Chinese Naval Base.This is a serious threat for Sri Lanka’s security.These rash decisions will be visible in the region’s definite power struggle within the next 60-80 months.

Fonseka, an opposition MP, stated that the future is very clear and that we must rectify the situation in the future, stating that the Chinese Ambassador is reacting like a “madman for the dirt ship”.

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