As The Tribunal’s Verdict Is Rendered On Mountbatten Papers Declassification, Speculation About Nehru–Edwina Ties Becomes A Reality

By ASHIS ROY London, 21 Nov : There’s speculation that a small number of documents, including diary notes and private letters, have been kept secret from academics.This is because they would reveal further the relation between Jawaharlal Naehru, India’s prime minister, and Edwina Mountbatten who is Lord Louis Mountbatten’s wife and the British viceroy.

 As The Tribunal’s Verdict Is Rendered On Mountbatten Papers Declassification, Speculation About Nehru–edwina Ties Becomes A

The Sun, a tabloid widely read in India, reported that Lord Mountbatten was made Viceroy of India in 1947.He was charged with overseeing India’s transformation and Edwina and Mountbatten moved to Delhi.

Edwina would have her longest and most lasting love affair with Jawaharlal Naehru, the Indian Prime Minister, a ten-year older than her.

This speculation emerged because of arguments at London’s tribunal hearing whether the Papers should be revealed.She is likely to issue her judgment soon.

Andrew Lownie (a literary agent and historian) filed the application for full transparency.

However, British cabinet office is resisting it in a legal fight that has cost PS600,000.

After an incompatibility that began early due to the differences between their experiences, it blossomed later into intimacy and understanding between Nehru’s wife Kamala.However, Latter died from tuberculosis at 46.

Nehru studied at Harrow School on the outskirts London and then went to Cambridge University.He was later called to the Inner Temple bar in London.His charm, polish and sophistication were evident to both men and women.Edwina clearly felt attracted to him.This was not a secret for her husband Patricia or Pamela.Since his assassination in 1979 by Irish terrorists, correspondence between Nehru & Edwina has been available in public.

Mountbatten’s 1985 official biography, written by Philip Ziegler, records that Edwina asked Mountbatten to preserve the correspondence between Nehru and her in 1952.The nature of Nehru-Edwina’s relationship is pretty clearly laid out in her communication to him about the matter.

She explained that the letters are “a mix of Jawaharlal letter,” which is “full information and historical documents.” Many of the letters are without any personal remarks.Some are letters of love in another sense.

However, you will be able to see the unusual relationship between us — most importantly spiritual.J.was a significant part of my life in the last few years and I believe I am in his.Although our meetings were rare and fleeting, I believe I have come to understand J., maybe he has too .

Elle added, “It’s quite amazing that my affection, respect and gratitude for you and your love are so great that it makes me feel like I would prefer you to have these letters than any other person.I believe you would understand the sentiment and not be hurt .My admiration is great and my dedication to you is very strong.”

According to historians, the platonic relationship between Nehru & Edwina was one of an ingenious intellectual and a sincere female companion.He wrote to Edwina in April 1948, “I need someone to talk with me sanely as well as confidently,” because I was in danger of losing faith and my work.

It is quite surprising that the British establishment would suddenly be bothered by details about the Nehru–Edwina friendship, or, as Pakistan has a tendency to complain about, Mountbatten’s preference for Nehru over its controversial founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

According to British media, it’s more probable that the government is worried about Queen Elizabeth II (the reigning British monarch) who is married to Prince Philip, Prince of Edinburgh.Mountbatten may be secretly bisexual.

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