Sonu Sood To Help Poor Students Offering Scholarships  

Sonu Sood To Help Poor Students Offering Scholarships - Telugu @fcsonusood, @sood_lover, 2 Lakh Ruppes, Hero Sonusood, Scholorships To Students, Scolorship, Social Media, Sonusood, Students

After lending a helping hand to many migrant workers in reaching their homes during the pandemic-induced lockdown, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, being hailed as the ‘Icon of Humility’ for his generosity in various ways, is now on a different mission. - Sonu Sood To Help Poor Students Offering Scholarships

Of late, he cast to focus on children belonging to the economically weaker section in the society.

Children from poor families wanting to pursue higher education but could not due to financial constraints can now, seek the actor’s help to make their dream a reality.

Sood designed a special scholarship program for them.

He declared that he would give scholarships to the poor students pursuing higher education.Meritorious students belonging to families with not more than Rs 2 lakh annual income are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Students pursuing medicine, engineering, robotics, cybersecurity, business studies, journalism, and other professional courses can apply for the scholarship on [email protected] within 10 days.

Earlier, Sood had announced that he had made travel arrangements for 39 children from the Philippines to New Delhi, for their liver transplant surgery.He also gave a job to a Hyderabad techie, Undadi Sarada, who lost her job due to the lockdown and began selling veggies in the city.

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