Social Media Star Used To Dupe Woman

Lucknow, Nov 30, : A 25-year-old actress and singer from Mumbai was arrested by the Lucknow Police for allegedly trying to lure her into a relationship with another woman and then dumping her after she gave birth.
In September 2021, the woman filed a case against Divyansh Tiwari a.k.a Rajan Pandit, and his sisters Neha & Neetu.They are all residents of Manas Enclave at Indira Nagar.

 Social Media Star Used To Dupe

Pandit, a Ghaziabad resident, was taken into custody Monday on charges of rape and cheating, dishonesty, and criminal breach of trust

Prachi Singh, Additional Deputy Commissioner for Police (ADCP), North stated that the victim and Tiwari became good friends through social media in November 2019.

He and his friends visited the victim’s Mumbai home in January 2020, where they stayed as guests for four days.

The victim claimed she was pregnant in May 2020.”Their true colours were exposed at the news about my pregnancy.They forced me to terminate my pregnancy, which I refused.I was forced to take pills.I was sickened by the developments and decided to move from Mumbai.Neetu took Rs.5.6 lakh from my hand to buy a new car while I was leaving Mumbai.She said that she had given birth to a girl child January 21st.

The victim claimed that Tiwari and his sisters were bullying her and that she was concerned about the safety of her child.

According to police, Tiwari, who was in Sushant City, was taken into custody from Ghaziabad, while his sisters, who conspired with him in the crime are on the run.”

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