Smita’s ‘Baha Kilikki’ Hits 100 Million  

Smita’s ‘Baha Kilikki’ Hits 100 Million - Telugu Baahubali, Baha Killiki, Popular Singer Smitha, Smita\\'s \\'baha Kilikki\\' Hits 100 Million

It is a known fact that SS.Rajamouli‘s directorial venture ‘Baahubali’ introduced Kilikki, a language developed by Madhan Karky for the Kalakeya tribes in the film.After the release of ‘Baahubali’, famous pop singer, Smita, who’s a distant relative of Rajamouli, has revived the lingo in her music video titled “Baha Kilikki” and released the music video on YouTube. - Smita’s ‘baha Kilikki’ Hits 100 Million

Now the latest update is that this song has now clocked 100 million views on YouTube.

The song features Smita and Prabhakar, the actor who essayed the Kalakeya king in ‘Baahubali’ along with rapper Noel Sean.The song was composed by Achu Rajamani while Bollywood’s ace choreographer Bosco has choreographed the song. - Smita’s Baha Kilikki’ Hits 100 Million-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Singer Smita herself confirmed the same by sharing a post on Twitter, “At a 100 million and counting.We are celebrating Bahakillikki as we reach a 100 million on my YouTube.Thank you @madhankarky @BoscoMartis @achurajamani”.

Smita also posted another surprise message on her Facebook page saying, “Thanks for the 1 Million views for Baha Kilikki and here is to the next Million.

A surprise awaits you at 7 PM tonight.Do come back and watch this space”.We’ll have to wait and see what the surprise is!

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