Singapore Reports 1,090 New Covid-19 Case

Singapore, Nov 27, : Singapore has confirmed 1,090 cases of Covid-19.This brings the total to 259,875, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH).
According to Xinhua news agency, 1,064 cases were reported in the community, 22 in migrant worker dormitories, and four were imported cases.

 Singapore Reports 1,090 New Covid-19

There are currently 1,233 patients in hospital.There are currently 1,233 cases in hospital.Of these, 214 require oxygen supplementation on the general ward, 33 patients are in unstable condition and are under close observation in the ICU, and 52 are critically ill and are intubated in ICU.According to the MOH, the current ICU utilization rate is 54.2 percent.

Three more deaths due to Covid-19 were reported in the Southeast Asian nation, bringing the death total to 684.

In a second statement, the ministry stated that as the global environment changes, it will adjust border measures to match its roadmap to becoming a Covid-19 resilient nation.

Singapore has launched Vaccinated Travel Lanes with Australia, Brunei and Canada.VTLs will be launched by Singapore with India, Indonesia Malaysia, Finland, and Sweden starting November 29.Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will start December 6.

Travellers who are under the VTLs will not be subject to the Stay-Home Notice (SHN), upon arrival.They will need to submit a negative pre-departure check within two days of departure and undergo an on-arrival Polymerase Chain Reaction test (PCR).

VTLs will be launched by Singapore with Thailand, Fiji, Maldives and Sri Lanka starting December 14.VTLs will also be launched with Turkey, Cambodia, Fiji and Sri Lanka starting December 16.The ministry stated that Singaporeans returning from overseas and permanent residents who have been fully vaccinated won’t need to apply to for Vaccinated Travel Passes (VTP) in order to use VTLs for travel.

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