Sikandar Kher – I Am A Hungry Actor And Open To Taking On All Roles

Mumbai, Nov 30, : Sikandar Kher is a recipient of appreciation for his work in ‘Aarya’ and ‘Mum Bhai,’ both International Emmy-nominated crime dramas.Now, Sikandar Kher has many offers from production houses in South India.
Sikandar has always wanted to be a part good stories.With OTT blurring the boundaries between mainstream and regional content, Sikandar believes that this will benefit Indian cinema as a whole.

 Sikandar Kher – I Am A Hungry Actor And Open To Taking On All

Sikandar, when asked about diversifying his acting territories, said that he has always been open to taking on any role, no matter what the region.I am an actor Hungry to play good roles and be part of stories that help me realize my potential.

We actors need to wait for the right moment in our lives to be able to play them.

The actor praised the south Indian film industry and said, “The southern industry is well-known for producing innovative content.I am happy that OTT has allowed us actors to be a part in a variety of projects.” It’s not only Hindi cinema anymore.It’s Indian cinema now, and that’s how the rest of the world sees us.

He shared that “OTT platforms have bridged gaps” between the various Indian film industries.This has allowed actors to further hone and perfect their craft.”Actors are now making unusual, interesting choices.”

“I want to be part of this melting pot.He concludes, “These are exciting times for actor.”

Sikandar is making waves in his home with his new projects.He will soon be seen in the Hollywood film “Monkey Man”, directed by Dev Patel.

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