Signs That Tell She Will Give Birth To Twins  

Twins are possibly the greatest gift a mother can ever get.Leave the emotional side of motherhood, but talking science, it’s not really something a mother could be comfortable with.Check these sings of double pregnancy to understand how painful it is

* During twin pregnancy the production of progesterone hormone exceeds the limit.This hormonal imbalance leads to several severe changes in a woman’s body.

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She could even face the problems in taking breathe

* Even in single foetus pregnancy, weight gain is a normal issue but when it comes to double foetus pregnancy, the weight is seen much more than what it does in single pregnancy

* The blood pressure rises up and may not get down for a long time.High blood pressure, a long lasting one is quite common in double pregnancy.* Anaemia is a common customer in a female’s body for various reasons.It could come up with periods, with a single foetus pregnancy and also with the double.As you can sense, the anaemia problem may become severe since nourshing two foetus becomes eveon more difficult.It’s important to take rich iron elements at that point of time

* A female’s body will easily get tired in double pregnancy.You can the sings of exhaustiveness even without any physical efforts employed in daily works

* Frequent urination is another possible sign of double pregnancy.There is extra pressure on the bladder and women often have to visit the washroom.

It could be in double digits every day

* Vomiting or nausea comes with the excess production of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).This excess production happens in double pregnancy

* Women at normal level becomes fat in pregnancy.

Her breasts change the size and become large.So does most of the body organs.

When it comes double foetus pregnancy, things go more than large.They could be huge

Other signs :

* Gestational Diabetes
* Spotting
* Preeclampsia

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