Self-proclaimed ‘Elon Fanboy’ Builds Tesla Position Worth Over $4.6 Bn

San Francisco, Sep 24 : A self-Proclaimed Elon Musk ‘Fanboy’ has managed to accumulate a Tesla position Worth over $4 billion.

 Self-proclaimed ‘elon Fanboy’ Builds Tesla Position Worth Over $4.6

According to Electrek, despite his incredible wealth, Koguan Leo has been keeping a relatively low profile, until now.

A Google search won’t bring up a lot other than that he is a graduate from Columbia University and New York Law School and he founded the SHI International Corp, a large IT company.

More recently, he made news for buying the $54 million Singapore penthouse of James Dyson — famous for his vacuums, the report said.

The Chinese-American billionaire has become active on Twitter of late, and he comments a lot on Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk.

He even described himself as an ‘Elon Fanboy’.

On his Twitter account, he claimed to be the third-largest individual Tesla shareholder.

As per the report, no public record could confirm this and Leo claimed that it is due to him holding the shares in several accounts, but he sited Tesla’s head of investor relations, Martin Viecha, who confirmed the fact.

Leo apparently owns over 6.2 million shares of Tesla, which are currently Worth $4.6 billion.That would indeed make him the third-largest Tesla shareholder behind Musk and Larry Ellison


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