Self-lockdown In A Village In Karimnagar District !!

The entire world is trembling with fear due to corona.Many people lost their livelihood.

 Self-lockdown In A Village In Karimnagar District !!

Currently, the second wave of the corona is booming in India.Around 1.5 lakh positive cases are being reported in India in a single day and the death toll is also increasing.Corona is causing a stir in the people of the Karimnagar district.

During the first wave of the corona, many people tested positive in this district.Now, during the second wave of the corona, so far, when 4,50,000 samples were tested, 26,707 of them have been tested positive and 306 deaths were registered.

 Self-lockdown In A Village In Karimnagar District -Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Currently, there are over 500 active cases in the district and most of the people were being treated in the hospitals.According to the officials, around 10 deaths were reported in various parts of the district in the last week.

Against this backdrop, authorities have increased the number of tests to identify the positive-corona cases faster.On the other hand, they have increased the pace in the vaccination program.

On Thursday, 5,217 people were vaccinated at 34 centers in the district.With this, some villages are voluntarily announcing lockdowns.

As part of this, the village sarpanch, Ganga Mallayya announced a self lock-down in the village of Pedda Kurmapalli in the Choppadandi Mandal, as 53 people tested corona positive yesterday.