SC Asks Railways For Their Response Regarding Rehabilitation Of Slum Residents

New Delhi, Nov 22, : The Supreme Court demanded explanations from the Secretary of Railway Ministry on Monday.It also pointed out the inconsistent stands taken before different high courts and the Supreme Court by Railways in relation to relocation and rehabilitation for slum dwellers who are encroaching upon the land next to the railway tracks.

 Sc Asks Railways For Their Response Regarding Rehabilitation Of Slum

In a matter of a week, the top court requested an affidavit.
Colin Gonsalves was a senior advocate representing an NGO.He presented before Justice AM Khanwilkar, Justice CT Ravikumar, that Railways had received contradictory responses from the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court and the Gujarat High Court.

Gonsalves stated that the solicitor general, while appearing on behalf of the ministry, had said to the Supreme Court it was formulating an policy.

However, the Railways told the Delhi High Court it was following the Delhi government’s policies for squatter rehabilitation.

He said that Railways, which had presented a case before the Gujarat High Court, stated that they were not planning on implementing any particular policy and demanded that the ministry clarify the matter.

Additional Solicitor General KM Nataraj argued before the court that no policy exists for rehabilitation of squatters living on Railways land.The top court however, pointed out the contradiction in the railways’ stand and said that it must explain the divergent positions taken in front of different forums including the Supreme Court.

The secretary was directed by the top court to respond and the matter was scheduled for further hearing on Nov 29.The top court also stated that an affidavit should disclose the timeframe within which the rehabilitation plan would be implemented, especially for a 2.65km project which could affect seven slums.

This was the top court hearing the appeal against the Gujarat High Court’s order directing the eviction, in Surat, of more than 10,000 people living in slums near Surat Railway Station.

Petitioners claimed demolition was unlawful without a rehabilitation plan.


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