Sanjay Suri On \'Avrodh 2\': Had To Disassociate From My Personal Experience

Sanjay Suri on ‘Avrodh 2’: Had to disassociate from my personal experience

Mumbai, June 25 : Actor Sanjay Suri who is playing an antagonist in the latest web series ‘Avrodh – The Siege Within 2’ shares how playing a morally disturbing character was challenging for him and he had to detach himself from his Personal Experience to do justice to his on-screen character.

 Sanjay Suri On 'avrodh 2': Had To Disassociate From My Personal

Born and brought up in Kashmir, Sanjay had a happy life until one day his father was killed during a terrorist attack and his family was forced to flee from the valley to Jammu and eventually shifted to Delhi.

Now that the actor is playing a Pakistani man named Ehsaan Waziri who made a financial attack on India – in the show ‘Avrodh – The Siege Within 2’, in conversation with IANS, Sanjay shared the constant negotiation he had in his mind to play a character who is morally disturbing.

Sanjay told IANS: “Firstly the show is a work of fiction, inspired by some real-life incident; so it has a lot of fiction.The character I am playing is a radicalised Pakistani man, highly educated, westernised, intelligent, who is doing a huge financial attack on India.This terrorism is different, it does not make noise but it hits hard at the target.Playing such a character was challenging for sure.”

He further added, “Coming from Kashmir, where I lived a life and have an idea of both sides of the situation, it is easy to bring my sensibility to the narrative, of course following the script.But I do not want to bring my Personal agony to it, I had to Disassociate myself from my past experience; otherwise, I wouldn’t have done justice to the character.”

Citing an example and drawing the parallel from the life of a soldier, Sanjay said, “when you are at war as a soldier, even though you are a son, a father and husband to someone, your priority is different when you are in the line of duty.Similarly, when I am playing a Pakistani terrorist, I had to keep Sanjay Suri and his Personal life Experience aside, and only focus on how the actor plays the character with conviction.I think I negotiated well in my head, before approaching the character.”

Avrodh – The Siege Within 2’ directed by Raj Acharya and produced by Applause Entertainment – features Mohan Agashe, Neeraj Kabi, Anant MahaDevan, Aahana Kumra, Rajesh Khattar, Abir Chatterjee, among others.


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