Sahil Khattar, Co-owner Of The YouTube Channel “Being Indian”

Mumbai, 23 Nov : Sahil Khattar has a long history of association with “Being Indian”.The YouTube Channel was the source of his success, according to comedian-host and stand-up actor Sahil Khattar.
Sahil, who has now become co-owner of the Channel, is delighted with his new start.

 Sahil Khattar, Co-owner Of The Youtube Channel “being Indian”

It gave me another lifeline for my career.In between, I didn’t have any work.After ‘Being Indian” came into my life and changed everything.I’ve never looked back and will never again.It was a hope that it would succeed.That market was created before YouTube existed.

Our Channel and one to two others were there as well, who act like grandparents for the YouTube creators.

Even for unbranded videos, we used to put in a lot of effort.He says that he can confidently say without “Being Indian” that I wouldn’t have a career and achieved the fame and success that I enjoy today.”

Sahil, who is shedding light on the current relationship, says: “Being Indian was originally created by Culture Machine.Later it was sold to another business.

This company sold it to another co-owned company.We started off with a bang but things went south because Culture Machine wasn’t equipped or willing to move this project forward.

Thank God that I took the leap and started my YouTube Channel.I got many offers.

My talent is not evident beyond ‘Being Indian.Being associated with this is an honor and pleasure.

Sahil shared that there are many plans for the brand to be revived and that they have a lot more expectations.

“Being Indian used to be a sketch-and-non-fiction website.

But now, we will also produce long-form content.We will stream sketches, shorts, street interviews, web series and sketch videos.

It is a relief that I have control over the situation and I will be determining what programming I would like to do.He concludes, “We would have live shows such as Saturday Night and a lot more talk shows, sketch comedy as well as reaction videos, blogs, as well as FIFA screening.”

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