S.Korean Prez Is Invited To The Biden-led Democracies Summit

Seoul, November 16 : , The US has invited South Korea to a virtual Summit about democracy.It is anticipated that over 100 leaders from around the world will attend next month.Seoul officials said Tuesday.
US President Joe Biden is preparing to host the session on democracy on December 9 and 10 to address challenges to democracies and human rights, a move widely seen as part of efforts to counter China’s growing assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific Region, reports Yonhap News Agency.

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According to Yonhap News Agency, the US President Joe Biden will host the December 9-10 session on democracy to discuss challenges and human rights.This is widely considered part of China’s increasing assertiveness within the Indo-Pacific Region.

The Foreign Ministry received the invitation earlier this week and has been preparing for President Moon Jae-in’s attendance, officials said.Officials said that the Foreign Ministry had received an invitation to President Moon Jaein earlier in the week.

“We are considering the matter under the premise of President (Moon)’s attendance at the virtual Summit,” a Ministry official said.A Ministry official stated that they are currently considering the issue under the assumption of President Moon’s participation at the virtual Summit.

“South Korea and the US have been in close consultations over the matter and will continue the coordination.”.”The US and South Korea have held close discussions over this matter, and we will continue to coordinate.”

According to a tentative list revealed by the US media, China and Russia were not invited to the gathering, while its Asian allies, including South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, were included on the list.A tentative list that was released by US media shows China and Russia weren’t invited to the event, but its Asian partners, such as South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan were.

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