Pic Talk: Paayal Mops The Floor  

Pic Talk: Paayal Mops The Floor - Telugu Glamorous Roles, Paayal Rajput, Payal, Rx100, Twitter, Twitter Account

Punjabi beauty Paayal Rajput who had blown the audiences with her bold performance in her debut movie ‘RX 100’ has failed to capitalize on her stardom with some routine performances in her other movies like ‘RDX Love’, ‘Venky Mama’ and ‘Disco Raja’.

Pic Talk: Paayal Mops The Floor

This hot actress who is quite active on all social platforms has shared a picture of her mopping the floor on her official Twitter account.She captioned the image saying- ‘That’s Life”.In the picture, she was seen mopping on the right side, while she is seen sitting on her floor mat in a glamorous pose on the left.

Pic Talk: Paayal Mops The Floor-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

On the work front, Payal is currently busy with a couple of projects in Telugu and of course, she is doing a Tamil flick.There is news also that this sultry bomb has no interest in doing glamorous roles anymore and is turning down offers that have meaty content.

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